The promotional side of blogging

The promotional side of blogging

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I have been slowly increasing my followers and page views each day. However, my work can only go so far. I have recently installed a new plugin – Blog2Social, and it has given me a mutlitude of options of social media sites that I can post to. The sites that I have decided to use moving forward are:

Each of these automatic posting sites do have their downfalls, and can be a hindrance to a small blogger like me. Sites, such as Reddit, can cause severe backlashes if people become irate about post, or simply do not like it.

That being said, I needed to write a post to claim my blog on bloglovin, and so here we are. I hope you have found some interest in my description of my plans moving forward, and check me out on my social media channels. In the mean time, enjoy the photo of lamb!

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  • Hi Leah,

    Thank you for your recommendation! It’s great to hear that you enjoy working with Blog2Social!
    Please make sure to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions about it 🙂

    Best regards!
    Tobias from Blog2Social

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