Matcha Latte Recipe

Matcha Latte Recipe

Yes, it doesn’t look as fancy as some people do it.  But it does taste amazing and comforting.  A really great alternative to coffee, but are tired of just regular tea.

I have gone on a bit of a matcha binge.  I love the flavour, especially in sweet things paired with vanilla and white chocolate.  However it is as if I have just remembered that it exists and am experimenting with it for the first time.

I worked at Starbucks some years back and their matcha frappuccinos (before they changed the recipe for their base) was amazing and opened my eyes to the flavour that is “green tea ice cream”.  Also when working at 6 am in the morning, the matcha lattes were such a gentle soothing way to wake up.

But yes, I will be actually posting my recipe to a baking experiment that went completely off-script, but rather well all things considered (and not all things considered in a Bill Bailey kind of way).


I do love to chop and change elements to recipes, and I will generally read “sugar” as “sweet ingredient” and change it out for things like – honey, golden syrup, molasses, treacle, maple syrup etc.

I have yet to try that with this.  I feel that honey may have too much of a nutty flavour.  Golden syrup could work, but you would need to watch your vanilla amounts.

That being said – if you can get your hands on vanilla syrup, that would be ideal for this recipe.  Because it is a bit more difficult to source, I have left it out.

If you are going to add a fluid sweet addition, add it after the water has dissolved the matcha.  You really don’t want matcha chunks floating around in your latte.


Servings: 1

Calories per serving: 96 (with skim milk); 156 (with whole milk)

Matcha Latte Recipe

: 1
: 2 min
: Easy


  • 6 oz Heated milk - I made this with Skim milk, however I have given the calorie counts for whole and skim milk
  • ½ tsp matcha powder
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • ½ tsp madagascar vanilla (Probably only ¼ if you are using a stronger vanilla essence)
  • ABOUT - 4 oz boiling water - you don't want to water it down too much, and it is better to have more milk than water
  • Step 1 It is rather easy, however the stages must be in the correct order.  Matcha does not dissolve properly otherwise (I have found).
  • Step 2 In a mug add the matcha, sugar, and vanilla.  Stir is around.  You want to put you milk on to heat once the water has boiled.  I put the milk into a jug and into the microwave.  If you want to be fancier and do this on a stove top, then add the milk once the water has dissolved the matcha.
  • Step 3 Add enough boiling water to cove the matcha and stir vigorously.  Add about the same amount of water again and continue stirring until it is all dissolved.  Add the warm milk.  Taste and check that the flavours are to your liking.

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